Uagi-Saba Patch Notes


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An exciting time indeed, Uagi-Saba releases on Steam, in three days!

Below are the most recent patch notes for build

Uagi-Saba On Steam

Uagi-Saba Patch Notes    7/29/2018

-Starting energy has been changed to 500 from 300
-Starting scrap has been set to 100 from 50
-Room charge speed has been sped up slightly
-Added light sources to all resource icons and they stay visible for longer.
-Added a new section in the “Lore And Other Info” section of the HUB explaining furnaces, smog vents and keeping sanctuary warm.
-Fixed problem where loading a game would set mystic body parts back to defaults and put them in a glitched animation loop.
-Added color mutations and a variable in the gen table that tells player if one happens during breeding.
-Rearranged gen table stats.
-Fixed problem with breeding pair egg not animating fast enough or picking from multiple skins.
-Added pause screen and click sounds for pressing “P” or build menu button.
-Fixed problem with some junk piles having a light source.
-Added button link for steam forums on the title page.
-Build buttons now close when player presses middle mouse.
-Lore book res icons now appear above lore book text box.
-Fixed problem where ferm tank, stone oven and forge would still draw cost boxes if running.
-Higher chance for dig sites to find scrap.
-Fixed problem where number of lore keepers would not effect the artifact draw rate at dig sites.
-GD rating now increases when giving mystics elixir or essence cakes.
-Fixed problem with ferm tank modules not creating smoke at the correct spot.
-Fixed problem with Forge cost box not displaying proper cost.
-Room build buttons now destroy properly when pressing middle mouse.
-Fixed problem where gen table button would not destroy when pressing middle mouse.
-Fixed problem with cannot breed text not aligning properly.
-Having temps above 95 now decreases mystic health.
-Increased the chance player gets floor build node draws.
-Re-worked crystal spawns.
-Added chips when rocks and ore are destroyed.
-Energy increase per room has been lowered from 50 to 25.
-Changed the design of “Head N”, added a new head “Head O”. Head O is now a part of the wild mystic gene pool.
-Lower and upper arm mutations now add to the body mutations variable.
-Changed the chance to mutate body parts from 1/50 to 1/100.
-Tweaked many of the upgrade costs for modules in the HUB menu, some could be unlocked too early in the game.
-Player can no longer mouse wheel zoom in or our while dragging camera.



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