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Developer: Undergroundies (Aaron Arcand)
Soundtrack: Richard Batchelor
Release Date: August 1st into Steam Early Access
Platforms: Windows PC (Steam)
Price: $14.99 USD

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What Is Uagi?

Uagi-Saba is a creature care simulator that takes place deep underground. Raise, care for and breed magical beings known as Mystics while harvesting resources, expanding sanctuary and exploring, coming to Windows PC August 1st. Each mystic has their own genes associated with body parts, stats and traits making each one completely unique from the last.

Uagi-Saba On Steam

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  • Raise mystics from egg to adult, feed them, give them water and keep them company.
  • Breed your mystics to discover new body parts and genes. Improve stats and traits through selective breeding, create the perfect species.
  • Teach words to your mystics so you can better understand what they are thinking, how they are feeling and what they need.
  • Harvest all kinds of resources using special modules, rooms and your mouse pointer. Create a strong economy, expand your sanctuary.
  • Find lore books long forgotten and read about the past or build a dig site to dig up old artifacts all with their own backstories.
  • Attract the local populous and grow your tribe through the construction of housing.
Grow, Bake, And Ferment
  • Grow your own mushrooms, bake them into cakes or ferment them into elixirs for your mystics.




    Long ago an ancient race known for their skills in genetics and bio engineering
traveled across the stars in a ship built solely for one purpose. To transport a small sleeping creature to it’s new home. The last of their resources were spent on this last mission,a mission said to be the last chance they had to save their race from complete extinction.

    The seer foretold that the creature was to be raised deep below the chosen planets surface, it would grow massive in size feeding off the planet’s essence. The creature would then in turn power a great machine that would have the ability to save our dying people.

    Years passed and the colony had been safely established. The creature had grown to massive proportions and work on the great machine had been started. But not all things went according to plan… A Giant glittering space rock became visible in the sky above, those that gazed had no time to flea. It hit with tremendous force decimating buildings and anything living on the surface. Those below along with the sleeping beast were said to have died from lack of food, oxygen and water.

    Sanctuary lay in ruin, the planet submerged in the frozen throes of an endless winter. Years passed and the the tragic story of sanctuary faded into memory. But to this day stories are still told of sanctuary and the fate of those that now lay there. Some even say something still stirs below the planets surface, magic can still be found if you know where to look. The fate of many was held in the balance of a small Sleeping Beast.
A beast that the dead knew by different name… UAGI-SABA


What Does Uagi-Saba Mean?

In short the word means “The Beast Sleeping” in the old mystic tongue.  It symbolizes the sleeping beast in the pre-story but also refers to the sleeping beast’s death and the new life within the eggs. Inspired by my love for Egyptian lore and old comics I enjoy.

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Artwork And Concepts

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