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An exciting time indeed, Uagi-Saba releases on Steam, in three days!

Below are the most recent patch notes for build

Uagi-Saba On Steam

Uagi-Saba Patch Notes    7/29/2018

-Starting energy has been changed to 500 from 300
-Starting scrap has been set to 100 from 50
-Room charge speed has been sped up slightly
-Added light sources to all resource icons and they stay visible for longer.
-Added a new section in the “Lore And Other Info” section of the HUB explaining furnaces, smog vents and keeping sanctuary warm.
-Fixed problem where loading a game would set mystic body parts back to defaults and put them in a glitched animation loop.
-Added color mutations and a variable in the gen table that tells player if one happens during breeding.
-Rearranged gen table stats.
-Fixed problem with breeding pair egg not animating fast enough or picking from multiple skins.
-Added pause screen and click sounds for pressing “P” or build menu button.
-Fixed problem with some junk piles having a light source.
-Added button link for steam forums on the title page.
-Build buttons now close when player presses middle mouse.
-Lore book res icons now appear above lore book text box.
-Fixed problem where ferm tank, stone oven and forge would still draw cost boxes if running.
-Higher chance for dig sites to find scrap.
-Fixed problem where number of lore keepers would not effect the artifact draw rate at dig sites.
-GD rating now increases when giving mystics elixir or essence cakes.
-Fixed problem with ferm tank modules not creating smoke at the correct spot.
-Fixed problem with Forge cost box not displaying proper cost.
-Room build buttons now destroy properly when pressing middle mouse.
-Fixed problem where gen table button would not destroy when pressing middle mouse.
-Fixed problem with cannot breed text not aligning properly.
-Having temps above 95 now decreases mystic health.
-Increased the chance player gets floor build node draws.
-Re-worked crystal spawns.
-Added chips when rocks and ore are destroyed.
-Energy increase per room has been lowered from 50 to 25.
-Changed the design of “Head N”, added a new head “Head O”. Head O is now a part of the wild mystic gene pool.
-Lower and upper arm mutations now add to the body mutations variable.
-Changed the chance to mutate body parts from 1/50 to 1/100.
-Tweaked many of the upgrade costs for modules in the HUB menu, some could be unlocked too early in the game.
-Player can no longer mouse wheel zoom in or our while dragging camera.



Uagi Saba On Steam Greenlight

Greetings, it has been a while since my last post but I have very hard at work with the current project Uagi-Saba. Uagi -Saba is a underground base building, creature care and breeding simulator inspired by the classic “creatures” games from the nineties.Creatures are born with their own unique body parts,skin pigment,traits and genes.When old enough creatures can breed and traits can be passed on to offspring along with rare mutations. Uagi-Saba is now on Greenlight and is looking for supporters, if it seems like something you would like to see on Steam please come by and vote, it would be greatly appreciated.    U.G.

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Back At It!

After a nice month long break I am back at it again!

I have finally got around to going premium and updating the official website “” here on WordPress, it still needs plenty of work but it will all come in due time… baby steps.

In other news the Twitch stream is now running full force, stop on by and watch the game being made live! My new project will need many highly detailed sprites so for the next few months most streams will be art oriented in Photoshop.

Within the next couple weeks I will also be taking down my Facebook and a couple other sites I have used in the past, this time around I want to only have to keep track of a few sites during development.Those being…

-“” as the main home page, the base of operations.Most everything will be found here, trailers, game art, news, patch notes etc.

-Twitter for hash posting and current project news.

Twitch  for live streaming development and feedback.

-Youtube for posting trailers and past broadcasts/streams.


I am very excited for what is to come, you should be too!

Aaron Arcand


News And Updates


It has been quite a while since I have posted on Working on Trigger Saint for the past year and a half has been very time consuming and I have not had much time for anything else. Now that I have a little extra time I have gotten around to cleaning up my sites and making my rounds again. I will be making some big changes in preparation for the coming years.I plan on purchasing some new upgrades and tools so I can lighten up my workload.

I have already purchased a new animating program called Spine which should heavily improve animations and give me the power to interchange sprites on the fly in Game Maker. This will greatly improve the quality of animations in my next project.

Coming this next month I plan on going premium here on, I should have my own domain this November along with an updated page. Stay Tuned.

If you have been following my work from the start you probably know of one of my older titles “The Underlings”. My next title could be a possible sequel, feel free to join me over the next couple years while I make another magical title.

“Trigger Saint” my most recent title has been entered into the IGF (Independant Games Festival) for this upcoming year 2016, wish us luck!


Thanks For Reading,

Aaron Arcand