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An exciting time indeed, Uagi-Saba releases on Steam, in three days!

Below are the most recent patch notes for build

Uagi-Saba On Steam

Uagi-Saba Patch Notes    7/29/2018

-Starting energy has been changed to 500 from 300
-Starting scrap has been set to 100 from 50
-Room charge speed has been sped up slightly
-Added light sources to all resource icons and they stay visible for longer.
-Added a new section in the “Lore And Other Info” section of the HUB explaining furnaces, smog vents and keeping sanctuary warm.
-Fixed problem where loading a game would set mystic body parts back to defaults and put them in a glitched animation loop.
-Added color mutations and a variable in the gen table that tells player if one happens during breeding.
-Rearranged gen table stats.
-Fixed problem with breeding pair egg not animating fast enough or picking from multiple skins.
-Added pause screen and click sounds for pressing “P” or build menu button.
-Fixed problem with some junk piles having a light source.
-Added button link for steam forums on the title page.
-Build buttons now close when player presses middle mouse.
-Lore book res icons now appear above lore book text box.
-Fixed problem where ferm tank, stone oven and forge would still draw cost boxes if running.
-Higher chance for dig sites to find scrap.
-Fixed problem where number of lore keepers would not effect the artifact draw rate at dig sites.
-GD rating now increases when giving mystics elixir or essence cakes.
-Fixed problem with ferm tank modules not creating smoke at the correct spot.
-Fixed problem with Forge cost box not displaying proper cost.
-Room build buttons now destroy properly when pressing middle mouse.
-Fixed problem where gen table button would not destroy when pressing middle mouse.
-Fixed problem with cannot breed text not aligning properly.
-Having temps above 95 now decreases mystic health.
-Increased the chance player gets floor build node draws.
-Re-worked crystal spawns.
-Added chips when rocks and ore are destroyed.
-Energy increase per room has been lowered from 50 to 25.
-Changed the design of “Head N”, added a new head “Head O”. Head O is now a part of the wild mystic gene pool.
-Lower and upper arm mutations now add to the body mutations variable.
-Changed the chance to mutate body parts from 1/50 to 1/100.
-Tweaked many of the upgrade costs for modules in the HUB menu, some could be unlocked too early in the game.
-Player can no longer mouse wheel zoom in or our while dragging camera.



Uagi-Saba Patch Notes/Dev Log (

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UG here with another blog entry/patch notes post! It is indeed an exciting time, we have less than a month left till we release onto Steam. Uagi-Saba the newest in creature breeding and genetics officially releases into Early Access August 1st 2018.    Uagi-Saba On Steam

(Edit 7/10/2018) New hot fix lists have been added at the bottom, a total of four hot fix patches have been made since the build went live. We are now officially on build and pretty stable. Thanks to all of the beta testers for your help. 


This is a big patch with a bunch of new content and fixes, some areas have had some big improvements. I will go over some of the bigger changes and the rest can be found in the patch list at the bottom.

Three new room types and two new modules have been added to the game. The Gen Room (brings in large amounts of energy) and the Mushroom Farm (large scale mushroom grow operation). The Shrine module (generates lore) and the A.S.D.S. (automatically feeds and waters your mystics).

The Wild Mystic Room is a new room that has a chance to appear after you have charged enough empty rooms. When it appears it will automatically spawn a special egg, if you are able to hatch it you will spawn a wild mystic! Wild mystics have access to very rare genes, genes that are only available to them. Breed a wild mystic with one of your own to bring these rare genes into your pool.

The mutation system has been completely re-worked with the new Wild Mystic Room in mind. Default mystics will have access to most of the basic body part genes.  More genes will become available through mutations based on how many generations the mystic has gone through.

The speech system has been drastically improved, a variety of new phrases and words have been added. 40 plus words, and many phrases related to hunger, thirst, loneliness etc.

The camera can now be moved by clicking the edges of the screen, this is still a little buggy.

Some rooms, entities and modules now have a new Synergy mechanic. Some examples… Placing essence generators close to each or will bring bonuses to energy harvest. Lore keepers close to a study will bring in extra lore. This is still a new mechanic and I plan to add other bonuses soon.

I have completely re-designed most of the mystic lower arms, they have a new “naked” look which I think will leave the door open to some interesting new skin patterns and colors in the future.


Things I know of that have yet to be added…

-Smooth zoom.

-Alarms for dig sites.

-The gene pool and achievements buttons in the HUB screen cannot be pressed, these will be implemented soon.


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The rough patch note list is below, some things already covered above are also on the list.


Patch Note List     7/2/2018

-Added synergy mechanic for the essence gen and essence extractor, the closer they are to similar modules or rooms the more resources they will generate.

-Added synergy for lore keepers, lore keepers close to studies will generate slightly more lore.

-Bond must now be high enough to interact.

-Added a variety of colorful crystal props.

-Intelligence needs to be high enough to interact.

-Added intro story screen with story, player can click through text to skip.

-Added two new modules, the ASDS and the small shrine.

-Added two new room types, the mushroom farm and the generator room.

-Added new words for mystics to learn, total of 40 words.

-Added new creature speech responses.

-Added new Mystic body parts.

-Fixed bug where player could not charge nearby rooms after new rooms were built or charged.

-Fixed problem with water pump building anywhere regardless of water source being close enough.

-Fixed problem where bond meter would increase after pressing the interact button, now it only increases if the mystic successfully learns the word.

-Fixed problems with build button “locked” text and “not enough resources” text not appearing or causing crash.

-The gen table now includes a color mutations stat and a body mutations stat. If your mystic has a mutation through breeding it will show up here as an increase.


Hot Fixes 1       7/3/2018

-Added middle mouse cam drag, this is just a test. Still very sensitive and is based on mouse sensitivity . (Edit) This has been fixed, with help from a few of our UG fams we now have a very smooth cam drag. Removed old cam movement buttons from screen edges.

-Fixed bug where giant arrow button would appear when a ferm tank would be recycled.

-Player will now be refunded half of what they paid for modules when a room Is renovated.

-Fixed problem where certain objects would give the player guardian rating points if they were destroyed during room renovations.

-Fixed problem with mushroom spore visibility.

-Fixed problem with the disappearing furnace.

-Added an object that controls the deactivation of certain objects outside of the view, hopefully this helps with some of the frame rate issues.

-Fixed problem where crystals, the a.s.d.s module and shrine module wouldn’t disappear when a room was renovated.


Hot Fixes 2        7/5/2018

-Player can now properly zoom in and out while moving.

-Fixed problem with build menu buttons being  destroyed or were not following view correctly.

-Fixed problem where camera would keep moving if a movement key was pressed while pressing the escape key to open pause menu.

-Fixed problem where dwelling room would appear larger than other rooms when fully zoomed out playing in 1600 resolution.

-Fixed problem where room sprites would overlap while fully zoomed out playing in 1600 resolution.

-Fixed problem where charge button would show up above over main pause menu.

-Fixed problem where mushrooms and mushroom spores would not destroy if a mushroom garden was recycled.


Hot Fixes 3     7/8/2018

-Fixed problem with mushroom gardens creating two mushrooms.

-Fixed problem where recycling a furnace would leave it’s button behind.

-Fixed problem where player would have to click gen table twice to get it to register. Fixed problems with player being stuck on gen table screen and not being able to move cam.

-Fixed problem where on of the furnace spites was causing extreme lag.

-Fixed problem where player clicking the mystic name card would create multiple mystic text object.

-Fixed problem with player being able to drag camera while in the mystic/inhab hud screens.

-Fixed problem with tut button not disappearing when pressing escape in the HUB screen.

-Drag speed for camera is now faster when fully zoomed out in mini map mode.

-Fixed typos in tut start.

-Fixed problem where “cannot breed” text would appear if right clicking near baby mystic.

-Completely re-worked the ini file system. Options like windowed mode and sound volume will now save correctly and when player loads back in later they will be the same as the player left them on exit.

-Fixed problem with game crashing when player tried to load a game if save file does not exist.

-Fixed problem with sound volume being much loader when a game was loaded.

-Pressing the escape key during the story screen skips to the title screen.



Hot Fixes 4    7/10/2018

-There were still problems with sound volume loading incorrectly, fixed this.

-Added windowed/fullscreen buttons to the in-game options screen.

-Fixed problem with smog vent cost text drawing at the incorrect position while in 1600 resolution.

-Fixed problem where player could click on charge button while in mini map view.

-Fixed problem where player could click on inhab with mini map open.

-All in game menu screens now destroy accordingly using middle mouse, movement keys or mouse wheel.

-Fixed problem where player could still click on build nodes while in the main in-game menu.



Now that we are through that here is some more useful info/social media etc. 

The beta testers will be receiving their keys today fore the next round of testing. Keys for streamers, youtubers and other media coverage will be given out July 20th. If interested please get in contact with me.     UG On Twitter

I live stream development of Uagi daily on Twitch, feel free to drop by if you are interested.        UG On Twitch









Uagi-Saba Dev Blog Entry 2

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Greetings, coming to you with another dev blog entry here on word press. Has been hard keeping up with all of the sites lately. As of a few weeks ago a small group of testers has been started for Uagi. Round four of testing is almost complete and plenty of feedback has been coming in. Uagi is becoming a much smoother game with better game play and balance.

Another new build will not be released for testing for another couple weeks, in the meantime I will be adding some new content.

-2 new rooms, the Generator  Room and Mushroom Farm.

-Some new floor modules, the Self Feeder and Small Shrine

-New mystic body parts.

-New upgrades for mod auto harvests.


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Since it has been a while posting here I will be including patch notes from the last three builds (,0.01.1,

Be sure to tune in on Twitch where I work on Uagi-Saba live daily. Link Below

UG On Twitch



Patch Notes

-Came movement fixed.

-Small Tut boxes now scale with the view and appear below the HUD.

-Large tut boxes now scale with the view and appear center screen.

-Build menus have been re-worked and re positioned.

-When player clicks on a build node, or upgrade arrow the build window now appears bottom right and does not affect camera.

-Camera no longer moves when player clicks on a lore book, build node, upgrade arrows or tut bubbles.

-New section of on screen HUD added, three buttons bottom right. Pause, HUB computer and options.

-Mushroom hit boxes have been tweaked.

-Title screen music added.

-Holo projector added to top of HUB computer.

-Paper background look added to artifact text boxes, lore text boxes and build menus.



Patch Notes
-Player can no longer mouse wheel to zoom out while typing a mystics name.

-Re positioned out of place name change control for female mystics.

-Pressing Escape while in worker menu now closes worker menu and hud.

-Fixed disappearing room bug, if room was building and player left clicked it would disappear.

-Mystics now eat essence cakes instead of elixir, they now drink elixir instead of water.

-Capping smog vents now costs 15 scrap instead of 25.

-Player cannot press any build nodes or upgrade buttons while moving with the camera

-shrines now create lore per turn instead of essence.

-Fixed problem where purchasing modules upgrades would not remove player resources.

-Fixed problem where player could not subtract fuel from furnace if they had 0 total fuel.

-Re did artwork for essence gens.

-Mouse wheel can now be used to scroll through the lore section of the HUB computer and will no longer close it.

-Fixed issue, if player presses the C key or the corresponding icon while in mini map mode main menu appears accordingly.



Patch Notes
-Can no longer click on inhabitant while moving.

-Inhabitant HUB now destroys properly when upgrade screen or options menu is opened.

-Fixed problem where camera would keep moving if HUB menu was opened, HUB menu can no longer be accessed while camera is moving.

-Air purifiers now cost 10 scrap and fixes have been made for what cost is displayed.

-Fixed issue with module cost boxes drawing on HUB screen.

-Player can no longer press crystal bottom right wile build buttons are visible.

-Furnaces now cost 5 stone instead of 10.

Stone oven now correctly subtracts resources when used.

-Tut boxes now fade out much faster.

-Now only takes two lantern modules to attract a inhabitants.

-Added fades to cost boxes and charge button.

-Player now starts with 0 essence.

-Player can now click out of tut boxes that prev would get stuck on screen.

-Fog of war is a tad darker.

-Smog vents now produce smog again and so do other mods, the furnace now creates smog based on how long it has been running. Air purifiers are now much more important.

-The way room are built has been reworked, much more scrap is available and finding lore books should be a bit easier.

-The code for the build menus has been re-worked. It is now  much smoother, no glitching windows.

-Fixed problems with pressing the crystal button bottom right.





Dev Blog Entry 1

Dev Blog Entry 1

All ideas, mechanics, characters and story described herein is subject to change or removal.

    This will officially be the first dev log entry for my current project Uagi-Saba. At this point it has been in development for roughly 570 days and it is far enough along that I’m ready to start posting dev logs on it’s progress. For those of you who don’t know about Uagi already, it is a creature care/breeding simulator inspired by the Creatures games created in the mid nineties. Carve out an underground base in a place forgotten by time called Sanctuary, harvest resources and raise/breed creatures called Mystics all with their own genes. All adults are created using a skeletal based animation system in Spine. Each body part and creature stat has it’s own gene and can be passed on to offspring through breeding.

    Uagi-Saba is a solo project being programmed in Game Maker 1.4. I use Photoshop for all artwork and sprites, Spine for skeletal animations and Audacity for sound effects. It was greenlit by my Twitch community a few months back before they removed Greenlight on Steam. I plan to release on steam within the year and a demo version should be available within the next couple of weeks.

This first Dev Log Entry will cover some of the basics of Uagi, I have some catching up to do.

Follow it’s development live on   Twitch


    When the player starts they have a few cleared rooms in Sanctuary which can be cleaned out. To raise healthy creatures one must first build a strong economy. Clear junk piles for scrap, harvest stone deposits and go through book piles to help increase you starting resources. After empty rooms are cleaned modules can then be built on build nodes or the player can also choose to renovate an empty room into a variety of special rooms that all have their own functions.

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Work Force

    Along with breeding Mystics the player must build “Dwellings” to attract the locals, I call these Inhabitants or Inhabs. After a dwelling is built happiness increasing modules must be built first to increase the room’s happiness. After a short time an inhabitant will move in. An inhab can then be converted into an Engineer or a Lore Keeper, if the player chooses no conversion at all a normal inhab will slowly generate essence. Engineers will speed up the charge times of rooms and it will take less time to clear junk and book piles. Lore Keepers increase the chance of finding artifacts at dig sites and also generate lore, the main resource used for purchasing upgrades. Inhabs will eat and drink themselves but the player must have enough water and mushrooms, if not inhabs will become unhappy and leave sanctuary.

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    Mystics are the bread and butter of Uagi, they are magical creatures raised from egg all with their own body part and stat genes. The player must feed them, give them water and interact with them to keep them company.  Every Mystic has it’s own skeleton , each bone a different body part. Each bone has many different versions so each mystic will be completely unique from the last. I will continue to add new body parts even through final release. Body part genes use a alphabetical system to determine which ones become dominant or recessive.

    Each Mystic also has a variety of stats each with their own gene, there are even genes that determine skin pigment. So one player might have a mystic with a light blue tint that lives for only 40 minutes and another player might have a reddish tinted mystic that lives three hours. Natural selection also comes into play here, one Mystic may eat a lot and have a high health decrease and one Mystic might eat very little and have low decreases for all of it’s negative stats. Mystics with bad stats will die out before they can even reach maturity and mate and some will reach adulthood and mate many times passing on their positive genes.

Runner 2017-11-10 12-11-34-05

Runner 2017-11-10 12-11-44-51


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Uagi Saba On Steam Greenlight

Greetings, it has been a while since my last post but I have very hard at work with the current project Uagi-Saba. Uagi -Saba is a underground base building, creature care and breeding simulator inspired by the classic “creatures” games from the nineties.Creatures are born with their own unique body parts,skin pigment,traits and genes.When old enough creatures can breed and traits can be passed on to offspring along with rare mutations. Uagi-Saba is now on Greenlight and is looking for supporters, if it seems like something you would like to see on Steam please come by and vote, it would be greatly appreciated.    U.G.

Greenlight Pageuagi-promo-one