Game/Concept Art


studies one.png

ITE house concept oneITE concepts 3


top down unit ruffslegions concepts onebody part promo oneScreenshot_2robo screen 2concept-evolution-newraces promotop-secret-sprite-sheet_0008_Layer-36underling-head-promo-2_0010_Layer-11-copy-5old armsmother-breath-promo-art_0000_Layer-60freelance-promo-one

old creatures

evolution-promotion-2_0021_Layer-93 The previous creature skeletons, the one on the right was the second revision.

old creature set

Clean up sketch of an old creature sheet.

Original Khonsu Concept

The original concept for “Khonsu” from my newest title Trigger Saint.

New Creature Concepts

The Oldest Of these Creature Designs.

beast-statue-design-one_0018_Layer-23cave gremlin conceptbio suit 2Player Ideas