Updated Concepts

The hours of anatomy practice really seem to be paying off.I struggled with the old creature skeletons(picture 3), specifically how the hip meets the body and leg position. My new sketches are much more realistic (picture 1), the creatures work better being created as a whole rather than being created piece by piece.I can’t wait to rig and animate these new designs in Spine. Stay Tuned!




Updated Creatures 2

The most recent revisions, I love these as they are not so “cartoon-ish”.



old creature set

Clean up sketch of an old creature sheet, a much more fresh look but still needs the realism.



old creatures

The previous creature skeletons, the one on the right was the second revision and was built to stand only in idle position. The one on the left was first created for walking.



New Creature Concepts

The oldest of these creature designs, made when I first started prototyping this project.

Routine Maintenance

As much as I want to dive head first into another game I have to stop sometimes and polish up old skills.Over the next couple weeks I have decided to take a few short breaks to work on anatomy,color theory, perspective and landscapes. I know that I have good art skills but I still have so much room for improvement.This will also apply to my game design and development, It will help me loosen up when things start to feel stale or “flat” and I hope not to get stuck so often on problems I avoided in the past. I want ideas and work to come naturally, this should help. Below is a quick painting I did in Photoshop, pushing to keep my strokes loose and my color vibrant. Enjoy



Color Study One.png

Back At It!

After a nice month long break I am back at it again!

I have finally got around to going premium and updating the official website “Undergorundies.net” here on WordPress, it still needs plenty of work but it will all come in due time… baby steps.

In other news the Twitch stream is now running full force, stop on by and watch the game being made live! My new project will need many highly detailed sprites so for the next few months most streams will be art oriented in Photoshop.

Within the next couple weeks I will also be taking down my Facebook and a couple other sites I have used in the past, this time around I want to only have to keep track of a few sites during development.Those being…

-“Undergorundies.net” as the main home page, the base of operations.Most everything will be found here, trailers, game art, news, patch notes etc.

-Twitter for hash posting and current project news.

Twitch  for live streaming development and feedback.

-Youtube for posting trailers and past broadcasts/streams.


I am very excited for what is to come, you should be too!

Aaron Arcand