UG NEWS 9/15/2019

Greetings all! It has been a while since I have posted here, been very busy lately. The past few months have been spent prototyping the next dev project and working on new art pieces to build on the portfolio..


Website Updates

I have recently decided to make more UG content readily available on the site rather than strewn around the internets. New sections to the website have been added and content has been categorized accordingly. Now you can find UG dev projects, canvas pieces, concept art and digitals all in one place.


The New Shop

I have also decided to do art print sales and shipping myself. The Etsy shop is now live and has been restocked. Check it out by visiting the link below. Shirts will no longer be sold on other commercial sites because I cannot always guarantee quality or positioning. Stickers can still be purchased from Redbubble.

Etsy Shop



Catch me live daily on Twitch, streaming game development and art!

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