UG NEWS 9/15/2019

Greetings all! It has been a while since I have posted here, been very busy lately. The past few months have been spent prototyping the next dev project and working on new art pieces to build on the portfolio..


Website Updates

I have recently decided to make more UG content readily available on the site rather than strewn around the internets. New sections to the website have been added and content has been categorized accordingly. Now you can find UG dev projects, canvas pieces, concept art and digitals all in one place.


The New Shop

I have also decided to do art print sales and shipping myself. The Etsy shop is now live and has been restocked. Check it out by visiting the link below. Shirts will no longer be sold on other commercial sites because I cannot always guarantee quality or positioning. Stickers can still be purchased from Redbubble.

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Uagi-Saba Dev Blog Entry 2

uagi steam header one

Greetings, coming to you with another dev blog entry here on word press. Has been hard keeping up with all of the sites lately. As of a few weeks ago a small group of testers has been started for Uagi. Round four of testing is almost complete and plenty of feedback has been coming in. Uagi is becoming a much smoother game with better game play and balance.

Another new build will not be released for testing for another couple weeks, in the meantime I will be adding some new content.

-2 new rooms, the Generator  Room and Mushroom Farm.

-Some new floor modules, the Self Feeder and Small Shrine

-New mystic body parts.

-New upgrades for mod auto harvests.


Runner 2018-02-06 23-33-05-30


Since it has been a while posting here I will be including patch notes from the last three builds (,0.01.1,

Be sure to tune in on Twitch where I work on Uagi-Saba live daily. Link Below

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Patch Notes

-Came movement fixed.

-Small Tut boxes now scale with the view and appear below the HUD.

-Large tut boxes now scale with the view and appear center screen.

-Build menus have been re-worked and re positioned.

-When player clicks on a build node, or upgrade arrow the build window now appears bottom right and does not affect camera.

-Camera no longer moves when player clicks on a lore book, build node, upgrade arrows or tut bubbles.

-New section of on screen HUD added, three buttons bottom right. Pause, HUB computer and options.

-Mushroom hit boxes have been tweaked.

-Title screen music added.

-Holo projector added to top of HUB computer.

-Paper background look added to artifact text boxes, lore text boxes and build menus.



Patch Notes
-Player can no longer mouse wheel to zoom out while typing a mystics name.

-Re positioned out of place name change control for female mystics.

-Pressing Escape while in worker menu now closes worker menu and hud.

-Fixed disappearing room bug, if room was building and player left clicked it would disappear.

-Mystics now eat essence cakes instead of elixir, they now drink elixir instead of water.

-Capping smog vents now costs 15 scrap instead of 25.

-Player cannot press any build nodes or upgrade buttons while moving with the camera

-shrines now create lore per turn instead of essence.

-Fixed problem where purchasing modules upgrades would not remove player resources.

-Fixed problem where player could not subtract fuel from furnace if they had 0 total fuel.

-Re did artwork for essence gens.

-Mouse wheel can now be used to scroll through the lore section of the HUB computer and will no longer close it.

-Fixed issue, if player presses the C key or the corresponding icon while in mini map mode main menu appears accordingly.



Patch Notes
-Can no longer click on inhabitant while moving.

-Inhabitant HUB now destroys properly when upgrade screen or options menu is opened.

-Fixed problem where camera would keep moving if HUB menu was opened, HUB menu can no longer be accessed while camera is moving.

-Air purifiers now cost 10 scrap and fixes have been made for what cost is displayed.

-Fixed issue with module cost boxes drawing on HUB screen.

-Player can no longer press crystal bottom right wile build buttons are visible.

-Furnaces now cost 5 stone instead of 10.

Stone oven now correctly subtracts resources when used.

-Tut boxes now fade out much faster.

-Now only takes two lantern modules to attract a inhabitants.

-Added fades to cost boxes and charge button.

-Player now starts with 0 essence.

-Player can now click out of tut boxes that prev would get stuck on screen.

-Fog of war is a tad darker.

-Smog vents now produce smog again and so do other mods, the furnace now creates smog based on how long it has been running. Air purifiers are now much more important.

-The way room are built has been reworked, much more scrap is available and finding lore books should be a bit easier.

-The code for the build menus has been re-worked. It is now  much smoother, no glitching windows.

-Fixed problems with pressing the crystal button bottom right.